GHXAMP Hifi JLH 1969 Amplifier Audio Class A Power Amplifier Board Stereo High Quality For 3 8 inch Full Range Speakers 2pcs-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress - 11.11_Double 11_Singles' Day

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GHXAMP Hifi JLH 1969 Amplifier Audio Class A Power Amplifier Board Stereo High Quality For 3-8 inch Full Range Speakers 2pcs Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Package Yes
Brand Name GHXAMP
Model Number 1969 Audio Amplifier board
Maximum Power Per Channel 10W
Channels 1
Finished board size 100mm*73mm*30mm
Output power 10W



Because the 2N3055 transistor is an disassembled tube, it looks a bit old. The 2N3055 transistor is ST now,not Motorola.But it does not affect the quality of the product and it can be used normally.


The finished board is an assembled, adjusted and tested amplifier boards of the classic JLH (John-LinseY Hood) 1969 class A amplifier. While JLH 1969 is a simple design, it is still one of the best transistor amplifier.


1. The circuit board adopts JLH1969 classic circuit design, and the PCB board adopts double-sided gold plating process, which is sturdy and durable.

2. Precision pairing of transistors
3. Aviation grade magnesium alloy angle aluminum
4. Capacitors use high quality German ERO, Japanese FC, ruby and other imported materials
5. Resistance: copper foot metal film, 5-ring precision
6. Gold seal pipe: small pipe 2N2907, middle pipe 2N1711, large pipe 2N3055 or imported ON3055.ON15024
7.Application: Suitable for listening to vocals, you can choose 3-5 inch full-range speakers; you can choose 5-8 inch full-range speakers for listening to bass, or you can choose 2 way speaker with power below 120 watts, 8 inches or less, and true sensitivity above 86.
The midpoint of their own adjustments / quiescent current method:
Tune midpoint: universal table hit voltage profile, black pen then the red pen then GND TP1 test holes (TP1 at the output capacitor positive) board, the adjustable resistance KT1 it is 1/2 of the supply voltage.
Modulated current: 10A universal table hit stalls, a pen then positive power supply, the other one pen then VCC terminal, adjust the adjustable resistance KT2 change the current board size.
Finished board size: 100mm*73mm*30mm
Input voltage: Recommended 100-150W transformer, voltage output DC12-26V.
Output power: 10W
Net weight: 135g/pc